Alivio School of the Art of Horsemanship


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Tina’s goal is to educate both horse and rider on straightness and balance to develop the topline of the horse so that he develops self carriage, creating a supple back, neck, jaw and limbs; which makes for a more comfortable horse to ride and a better relationship.
A happy horse equals a happy rider!
Based on the principles of Nuno Oliveira.

Alivio School of Equestrian Art

Portugal is the oldest state in Europe.  This may come to a surprise to many people.  After the moorish occupation it might never have been possible for the boundaries of that ancient territory known as Lusitania to be redrawn had it not been for one very effective native weapon.  That weapon was the Lusitano Horse, and the superior method of combat on horseback which it inspired.
In Portugal, horses are treasured possessions.
The Lusitano is known for it’s nobility, loyalty and ability  to read it’s riders mind.
Their beautiful, light gaits give the appearance of  almost floating in air.
The Lusitano has been categorized as being a mythical wonderful beast who has so much wisdom he can perform super human deeds.  The Veiga horse is worth his weight in Gold. Literally
The qualities of the Lusitano horse include muscle strength, courage, good acceleration and impulsion, and great flexibility and manoeuverabilty.
There is not one present day breed of saddle horse which does not show traces back to the Lusitano.
The Lusitano horse of the old and of present day has not changed!
The Art of Equitation was born in Portugal due to the existence of the Lusitano Horse which naturally led to this Art and which was, in turn, improved by it.
Equitation therefore forms a very special part of the culture of Portugal.
Portugal has always been the home of the Baroque School, which has extraordinarily high standards of horsemanship which is today’s Classical Horsemanship and has been around more than 17,000 years Before Christ.
A great rider dedicated to classical equitation through out the world was Mastre Nuno Oliveira, a true son of Portugal!
Alivio’s rider/trainer/breeder, Tina Legno, has had the wonderful opportunity to have studied under the Mastre’s Protege, Bettina Drummond, who was 1 of 3 in the world who held the title of representative of his classical riding school.IMG_6171